Squiggle’s Top Tips

We love sharing FREE tips with our clients and followers on Facebook and Instagram.  Every week on our social pages we have #websitewednesday and #toptipthursday where we will share social media, branding tips and any other little hints and tips that will help you grow your business, both online and offline.

To make it easier to find our FREE top tips we have created this library so you can reference at any time.



  1. Domain Names – Choosing the right one
  2. Logos and Brand Identity
  3. Getting your business online
  4. Share your business info
  5. Online Listings Google and Bing
  6. Be where your customers are
  7. WordPress to show off your testimonials
  8. Reviews, recommendations & testimonials


9. What are organic listings?
10. Tell people where you are
11. Improve your organic listing
12. Share your business info
13. Does my website shout me?
14. Email marketing
15. Your website is your shop window
16. What if my clients aren’t online?