Squiggle’s Social Media Top Tips

TOP TIP #17 – Reviews have become Recommendations?

Facebook have just released a change to Reviews on business pages. Customers can now choose to recommend you, or not.

What do we think to the change?
“Recommendations” certainly has a more positive ring to it and what’s better promotion for your business than glowing praise for a job well done.

It’s why we always ask Clients’ for testimonials when creating any new website.


TOP TIP #16 – Keeping On Brand?

So you’ve got your profile on point, you know who your ideal customer is and you’ve got a strategy in place – the one thing then to pull all of this together is keeping on brand with a distinct voice and look that is all your own – it’s going to really help you cut through competitor noise and make your profiles stand out.

There are several aspects to this to really cement your identity and become a popular favourite amongst your followers.
👉 The visual look of your posts, (brand colours, fonts, graphics)
👉The tone of voice/language used – has anyone noticed a difference in our Squiggle posts between George and Natasha?
👉Posting content that’s relevant to your brand; this can be a mix of your own knowledge sharing along with mutually beneficial info and insights that adds value/is of interest to your ideal customers.

With all of the above considered, consistency is then the key to keeping your brand at the forefront of your followers newsfeed. Keep the same visual look and tone of voice to encourage familiarity with your posts, get to know your customers and in turn you’ll see a boost in the all important engagement.


TOP TIP #15 – How do I know who my Ideal Customer is?

We have a FREE download as a follow on to last week’s post all about your ideal customer. It’s has all the pressing questions you need to ask to get to know who you really want to attract to your business!


TOP TIP #14 – Customers – Who are they?

Social media gives us the chance to build and nurture relationships and share knowledge with an ever widening audience without any ‘hard sales’ in sight. In an increasingly busy marketplace, your posts need to cut through the noise of your competitors and not end up being a one-sided conversation. Interaction and engagement is what we’re looking to build.

To do this, you need to identify your target audience/customer/ or ideal client and really get to know them. You want the content you’re sharing to be relevant and to add value. Afterall you want to keep them interested to keep checking back in.

How do I do this? Find out their common likes, where they ‘hang-out’ online (fb, twitter, instagram and when – these are key elements to shape your campaign planning as you want the best chance of exposure for your content. Are there other relevant topics/themes that you might be able to tie-in with your products or services that’ll broaden your appeal? Sharing of local events, other businesses you might work alongside, recommend etc will all give variety and show good community spirit.

Finally, when you’ve got your ‘ideal customer’ profile drawn up, don’t waste time posting where they’re not going to be. If your customers only hang out on facebook, concentrate your efforts there, where you know you have an audience waiting and ready to nurture into future business. It’s a little less scary when you’re starting out knowing they’ll be some familiar faces to support you; build on this and then you start to look at other platforms as your business and following grows.


TOP TIP #13 -“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

We believe a social media strategy or plan is crucial to the success of a well run fb profile. Creating a plan will keep you focused on your goals and keep things consistent. You don’t want to send mixed messages that’ll confuse potential customers.

Set goals of what you want to achieve; raising brand awareness to gain a trusted and loyal following, have an event to promote, running an offer for example.

To begin with, there will be trial and error of posting different content at different times and seeing what reactions and engagements you get. This can take several months of consistent activity as we’ve seen ourselves but having an end goal in mind will allow you to create a buzz around an event, counting down to the ‘big day’ and reaching a wider audience.

The alternative pebble dash approach leaves you vulnerable to hurried posts, not on brand and even a week without posting you could drop off followers’ feeds.


TOP TIP #12 – Setting up a correct Facebook profile

It takes a lot of hard work to create and build a brand, social media gives us free reign and many free opportunities to shout about what we do…so let’s do it right – starting with your profile.

Fill in all areas as fully as you can – this short snippet lets you say what you do, when, how and where. Images and cover photos – we’ve given you the tools to make images the right size so no excuses here! Keep your profile pictures updated regularly to keep followers interested and bear in mind when viewed in the timeline it appears in a circle. Cover photos are great for promotional, attention grabbing graphics too.

Your fb page url; make this your business name wherever possible. You may need to reach a certain number of followers before you can change this, but when you can, do it. You’ll be easier to find and can be tagged into other pages/post with your @username

Don’t forget to get creative with your profile, and some personality so customer’s will unmistakably recognise its you.


TOP TIP #11 -Creating a simple post in Canva

In this video we are going to pull together everything we have covered in the past few weeks about brand colours, FREE images & fonts and create a post in Canva that you will be able to use on your Facebook page.

TOP TIP #10 – FREE image sites

Social media is tough to crack, so having a good quality, powerful images will help grab the attention of your clients/customers within seconds.

A question we get asked a lot is ‘Where do we get images from?’

We are sharing some great FREE sites that we use to download images. There is a variety to choose from to help get your message across whether its funny, serious or aspirational there will be an image you can use to make your marketing message that little bit more appealing!



TOP TIP #9 – Setting up image sizes in Canva

A quick video on how to use the image dimensions from our FREE download in TOP TIP #8 – Facebook Image size sheet. This video shows how to set up custom dimensions in Canva to ensure you get the perfect post everytime.

TOP TIP #8 – Facebook Image Size Reference Sheet

When I first started doing facebook posts I was forever googling ‘What size images for facebook’. I thought I would share with you this reference sheet I created to save time. I have this sheet pinned next to my computer and it has all the facebook dimensions that I need. There are also 3 little ‘General Rules’ to consider when creating image posts.

Download below.


As small businesses we all want to be seen in the busy world of social media. Here are three simple tips we can all use to help and support each other.