Need a logo design or rebranding for your company?

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the early years and your business is off the starting blocks
– now it’s time to reflect on how your business has grown and the direction it has taken.

Many of the companies Squiggle work with, come to us at this stage when they realise it’s time to invest back into the business’ image and up your game.

When you’re starting out, budgets are tight and thoughts of a ‘proper website’ or ‘brand identity’ may seem a long way off.  Now you’re a few years in, your logo, website and/or brand needs to reflect your company’s values, where you’re going and needs to attract the right audience – this might be achieved with a simple tweak to polish up your logo or a total rebranding exercise.  Squiggle will guide you every step of the way.

Squiggle Graphics understands that your logo and brand is the heart of your company.

When creating a logo and brand it is very important that it portrays who you are, what you do and appeals directly to your target market.  We consider the elements that make up your logo and brand very carefully and will work with you to ensure it represents the correct image.

What makes the perfect logo to attract your ideal client?

Does your domain name match your company name?

Have you thought about the affect of using different colours and what they mean?

Choosing the right fonts can change how your brand is portrayed and appeals to your target audience

These are just some of the points we consider when creating a logo and brand identity that reflects your business values.

With Squiggle’s brand guidelines, you can ensure consistency

Looking for a bespoke website?

Did you build your own website to get started? Is it time to invest in a professionally built website?

Website design needs careful thought, it’s your shop window to the world to show who you are and what you do.  Websites need to engage your customers and capture their attention.
We will work with you to design a website that reflects your company’s culture and identity. Our websites are built on a CMS (content management system) which allows you to easily keep your website updated with fresh text and images.

We offer a basic brochure package to get your business online with the flexibility to add functionality as your business flourishes.  If you need something a little different we are also happy to discuss bespoke requirements to suit your business needs.

Learn more about bespoke websites including hosting security and maintenance packages.

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS.

In 2003 it started as a simple blogging site and now supports any type of business website with a versatile platform and intuititive user interface that makes managing your site easy and straight forward.  There is a module for almost everything you can think of in addition to bespoke functionality being created on a daily basis.


25% of the worldwide web is built on wordpress

Number 1
online CMS system

1000's of bespoke plugins

Endless design
developments and updates

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