Top Tips – Facebook for Business; the benefits of having a FB business page

TOP TIP #32 – Facebook for business – Are you using it?

We’re FB fans here at Squiggle; it was our go to platform knowing that’s where our clients’ were. This month we’re covering tips about having a FB business page and what you can do with it…  Let’s start with the benefits of having a FB business page.

“As of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users,” thanks to Surely you’re bound to find some of your customers here…that’s some serious exposure and brand awareness opportunities right there.

More importantly, you can do so much of your marketing for free – for budget savvy businesses this is crucial as marketing costs can often be the deal breaker in doing any or not.

We know not everyone is going to want your business, if you offer a local service in your town, it’s no point having a bunch of followers in Scotland for example, quality over quantity is very true when it comes to followers on facebook; you want people interested in your services that are going to engage with you and your content.

Getting any sort of ROI can be tricky to track depending on what activity you’ve undertaken, the insights on FB are nice and simple to follow; you’ll be able to see how your posts are performing, their reach and what engagement they’ve had – see what’s working and keep on doing that! It’s important to review as you go and always make sure your company info is up to date. Quite often, if you’re business is being searched for, your facebook profile will appear in the search results – maximise the places where people can find you.

Our final point today, I could write a whole essay…(how many of you would read that  is to use your FB page to drive traffic to your site, we can’t say this enough – get people to your website to boost your SEO.

TOP TIP #34 – Your Facebook About page

Your FB page gives you so many opportunities of providing all the information your clients need to know about you….don’t waste it!!

Make sure you complete all the key details; tel numbers, email, website address, any other social media accounts. It might sound simple, but we will still see so many incomplete profiles and that can immediately cast doubt over the credibility of that business.

Be authentic and give an accurate account of your business and its value, show a bit of personality, introduce yourself / your team, tell your story to give an insight into why you do what you do.

If someone’s found your FB listing on a search, they’ll likely check out your FB page before proceeding to your website, give them a reason to want to do that.


TOP TIP #35 – Services – So, what do you do? 

 We’d recommend filling in the services tab on your FB profile; if gives you a chance to show more of what you do to potential clients; a good all round view of your business if you like.

Whether it’s individual services, grouped packages, core areas of business that you cover, it’s a good idea to list as much as you can.

Have the confidence to list your prices, if you have set fees for what you’re offering. Many businesses are nervous about posting prices and we totally understand all the wobbles and thoughts that you go through:

Do you want your competition knowing what you charge?
Should you be charging more/less?
Am I scaring customers off?

We’d say to know that you’re worth it, you’ve worked out your prices based around time, materials and costs to you, plus the experience and knowledge the customer is getting from you is often priceless.

TOP TIP #36 – Tagging in a company or people

Something as simple as tagging in a fellow business, friend, mentor or collaborator on a project, makes good sense on FB. Just as we tag our friends to share things of interest or celebrate, you can and should do just the same with your business. If you tag a fellow small business owner, their followers will see your page and you’re followers will see their page – if you’ve worked together on something, chances are their followers might like what you do and vice versa.

George has created a short video of how to tag in your posts and comments, it’s as easy as putting an @ in front of their FB name. i.e. it you’d like to tag us, you’d type @squigglegraphicssomerset as that’s our FB page name.

Happy FB tagging – we look forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to!

TOP TIP #37 – Facebook Image Sizes 

Getting your post to stand out and stop us scrolling our FB feeds usually requires an image to catch our eye…although you need to make sure that image is ‘perfectly’ sized for FB.

We don’t want pixelated, stretched or even watermarked stock images

As we like to help you out and get the best from your content, why not download our handy FB image size sheet –


TOP TIP #38 – How do you post in a URL?


There are many things to remember when you’re posting on social media, the biggest we see forgotten so many times, is a simple URL back to your website / shop / landing page.

Social media is amazing at getting the word out there, but ultimately you want traffic driven back to your website where a customer can take an action; a product, download a freebie etc and hopefully click around to see more about what you do.

Here’s a little video on how to include a URL into your post and make it look good.


TOP TIP #39 – Like pages as your business

Did you know you can like other pages and post into groups as your FB business page?

If there’s industry specific accounts you want to follow, popular figures that influence your industry, or brands you aspire to be like and like to keep an eye on what they’re up to – you can create a feed on your business page of their content.

All you have to do is go to their page, where you can like the page by clicking the thumbs up to go the 3 dots instead and from the drop down, click on ‘like as your page’ – as shown in the image