Domains – The What, Why and How

It all starts with a domain name…

Confused? We’re here to help

We’ve put this guide together as we know just what a minefield it is choosing and buying a domain name…

From the basics of what is a domain name through to where to buy we have it covered in out FREE downloadable guide!

Questions we often get asked…

What if my business name is already taken?
Do I need to buy the .com, .net, .me …there’s soo many to choose from?!
With so many providers out there, how do you choose where to go and how do I know what i’m really paying for?

We have the answers to all these and more questions and a short ‘How To Video’ in our free guide.

Our top 3 things to consider when choosing your domain name…

Easy to spell

Says what your business does

Easy to remember

Ensuring that your domain name directly relates to your business name is a MUST!

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