Top Tips – Content; What it is, where to find it and what to do with it.

TOP TIP #17 -Content; what is it, where to find it and what to do with it.

We’re talking content, whether it’s for your website, social media or marketing the same rules apply. One of the first questions we’re asked by client’s is – “where do I find content?”

Too much overthinking is often done when deciding what to post or add to our websites; because we know what we do inside out, it can be tricky to think back to the start and write about it as if we knew nothing – so that’s what we’ll be helping with and sharing our knowledge on.

Where to find content, what to do with it, the do’s and don’ts of sharing and posting content. Content of course isn’t simply written, we’ll cover images, videos, articles, news from other sources too.

TOP TIP #18 – Saving content in FB – VIDEO

We follow a lot of industry leaders on FB, reading newsletters and tips from the experts on what the latest trends are. We read and save this content to refer back to.

Facebook’s save for later feature is brilliant for creating collections of useful content. Collections simply means that you can organise your links, so you can separate out business, social media, recipes, whatever you might find on FB that’s of interest!


TOP TIP #19  – Getting the right images for your brand

Getting the right images to represent your business is a task worth taking time over; you want to ensure you get maximum engagement and the image serves a purpose, relating to your content and will resonate with your audience.

Don’t forget, you’ve only got 3 seconds to grab your audience’s attention.

What makes you stop scrolling down your feed when your on social media⁉️

Here’s 3 things you to consider when choosing your images:

Impact – Go for something that’s bold and leaps off the page, stopping customer’s in their tracks and taking notice. If it’s possible, see if you can get something that matches or compliments your brand colours!

Purpose – Any old picture just won’t do! Remember your brand values. What it is you want the image to represent about your brand / service offering /product?

Emotions – Cheeky children or animal antics guarantee an ‘awww’ – they create an emotional hook and get instant engagement, so think about the emotional response and connection you want your marketing to have.

If you can get decent images of your own that’s a great start, but well considered stock images can be just as effective.



TOP TIP #20  – Using your images correctly

Using your images correctly

We love a show stopping graphic or a perfectly timed photograph – imagine scrolling through a website or social media feed though and what you see is a fuzzy, pixelated blur of an image…or one with a watermark on?

Immediately the viewer thinks, not the professional look you want to go for, we want them to think “wow! I need to stop and look at this!”

When it comes to images – do not under any circumstances think you can ‘borrow’ an image from google….you can’t and we’d never recommend it, EVER‼️ The images are someone else’s and often have watermarks on too. We are aware of client’s being fined for use of others’ images they’ve found online.

Instead, hop yourself over to a royalty free, stock image site and browse there for 1000s of safe images to use: here are some to get you going…

We’ve created our lovely followers a handy download sheet with a guide to what size your images need to be for all your Facebook profiles – so no chances of a blurry image again or it cropped to show just a slice of the full image!

Download our guide here:


TOP TIP #21 -Writing your own content; the do’s and dont’s.

Your marketing content needs to come from you. You know your business better than anyone and can describe your products, services and story behind why you do what you do, best.

Duplicated or ‘copied’ content is a major no-no and is negatively viewed by the search engines. You can of course, quote other sites or media sources, but it’s best practice to make reference to them; do this for both website and social media content.

Put your spin on why you’ve chosen to share the particular piece, explain and give reasoning as to why you / your customers will find it interesting in relation to your brand.

Content doesn’t have to be difficult to find; go back to basics and think about your business from an outsiders’ point of view. What would a totally new customer want to know about you, your services and products? Start jotting down a few ideas and develop it from there.

There’s always plenty of healthy competition in business, but it’ll be your personality and style that’ll keep you customers coming back to you – your content online should reflect how you’d talk with them person – be instantly recognisable and familiar. More on that tomorrow!


TOP TIP #22 – Establish your own style

When it comes to branding and style, how you write your content and the tone of voice portrayed is just as important as the graphics, colours and fonts you choose to use. Overall, they’re working to create an impression of you and/or your business that is appealing to your clients.

How you talk to your client’s in person should be reflected in how you present your content online. Use language that is familiar to them, you’ll hopefully noticed with our Squiggle posts that we try to keep things as straight forward and easy to follow, we’re not in to baffling you with “useless jargon” and complicated “technical speak”.

We know there’s plenty of others out there, all sharing similar content, after all our competitors are in the same industry as we’re in – it’s your personality that keeps your clients loyal, returning again and again to consume your content.

You need to ensure your styled content is meaningful, personal and relevant to your customers and prospects to get them interested and keep them engaged.

Here at Squiggle we’re friendly, always willing to help where we can, and offer our best advice. It’s not just graphics, social and marketing though that George finds herself discussing, often her experiences in businesses are called upon too.


TOP TIP #23 – No one likes a typo!

Having followed the last few weeks of content tips, you’ve got the ideas, you’ve started writing your own content and you’re getting in the rhythm of what your style and tone of voice is…what more could you need to think of?


When you’re in the flow of writing, even the best of us makes mistakes…all that creativity just takes over! There is nothing worse or more unprofessional than errors in a post, I may just take it too personally sometimes, that’s the perfectionist in me…

George found the brilliant natural reader app several years ago and finds it a brilliant help as it reads back to you what you’ve written… if you haven’t anyone to hand to check your work, give natural reader a go…even if it’s just to hear your words in an American accent!

You can download a FREE version from their website here: