Squiggle – Brand Top Tips

TOP TIP #7 – Adding Brand Colours & Your Logo To Canva

We are continuing with brand consistency and now we have our brand guideline sheet complete and your Canva account set up, this short video shows how to add your brand colour values and logo’s to ensure consistency when creating posts and marketing material.

TOP TIP #6 – FREE Graphic Design Tool – Canva

Now you’ve got your brand guidelines set, how do we use them in practice?

We understand it’s great to have professionally designed work but appreciate that’s an expense you can’t always budget for, so – we’ve got a FREE tool we highly recommend for you;

Canva – https://www.canva.com/

It’s FREE to use (there are paid for extras and business account options if you like how it works for about £10/month) but to get you going, you can upload your brand colours and you’ll be able to match a font from one of the many free ones. In the paid for option you can upload your font if you truly want to be brand consistent and there are hundreds of templates to choose from to create anything from social media posts, blog images, web banners, infographics – you name it.

Keep an eye out for our tips over the next few weeks as we walk you through the basics of using canva


TOP TIP #5 – Websafe Fonts

When your using email marketing, as well as having your own brand font, its good to have a websafe font to convey your brand.

Web safe fonts are pre-installed by many operating systems to ensure the same rendering from what you design to what the client will see on their screen. You don’t want to spend all that time painstakingly creating the perfect newsletter only for it to arrive at your client’s inbox looking like total gobbledygook!

Here are the most popular examples that we use here at Squiggle when we’re email marketing:


TOP TIP #4 – Finding Your Brand Fonts

Continuing with creating your own brand guidelines we are going to find your brand font so you can use it across all your marketing.



TOP TIP #3 – Finding Brand Colours

Finding your brand colours and creating your own brand guideline is essential to ensure brand consistency.

In this short video we will show you how you can find your colours and if you download our free guideline sheet you can keep a note of them, pin them by your computer then you can ensure consistency across your brand.


TOP TIP #2 – Brand Consistency

These tips will help you be noticed on social media. Attention grabbing graphics can help you get more shares and interactions on your posts, here’s our top three tips to remember when creating your graphics:

1. Consistency

2. Complement your brand values

3. Be flexible to match your audience

Watch the short video to learn more!